About Us

Fanavaran Pooya Sanat Vafa (PSV) provides industrial equipment, particularly equipment needed in the country's power and electricity industry, providing engineering services for domestic manufacturers and educational services for their employees.


Supply of industrial equipment

In order to provide the industry with its essential equipment which is not possible to be produced in Iran, PSV has identified the following reputable manufacturers and provides their products and services as their representative:

 Elektrozavod: Manufacturer of power transformers, auto- transformers, reactors, furnace transformers, dry transformers, special transformers and measure transformer.

Mosizolyator: Manufacturer of transformer bushing, wall bushings, high voltage equipment and switchgear bushings (air - air, air - oil and oil - oil / OIP and RIP / silicon and ceramic).

Gazecos: Supplier of electricity generator including diesel generators and combined heat and power production systems (CHP) of renowned and reputable world brands such as Caterpillar, Cummins and Perkins.

IBT: Manufacturer of nickel-cadmium batteries, industrial power supplies and chargers.

SFA: Manufacturer of transformer production line equipment and machinery, hydraulic cylinders and production lines automation.

Fraccaro: Manufacturer of various types of radiant heating equipment for industrial settings, sports halls and cultural centers.


Short-term training courses abroad

Considering the importance of training in human resource development and the productivity of the workforce, PSV organizes training courses wrapped in tourist vacations abroad. Specialized and exciting short-term training courses and retraining according to the needs of the industry and employees, including managers, professionals and experts improve their technical knowledge while sightseeing tours can serve as a pleasant and memorable reward for employees in companies’ incentive plans. At the moment, PSV, in partnership with several modern training centers in Russia, offers short-term training vacations in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.


Certificate of Production

In order to improve the quality of domestic products to international standards and thus facilitate export, in cooperation with some of the world's leading laboratories, PSV makes it possible for domestic manufacturers to obtain certificate of production for their products.