Monitoring Devices & Systems (Dimrus)

 Variety of modern diagnostic equipment for monitoring of multiple operating parameters and conditions of almost all electrical and mechanical systems in Medium and High Voltage electrical apparatus. Versatile systems for continuous monitoring and portable instruments for periodical testing are available from our company.

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Electrical & Thermal Insulation Materials (Cogebi and Elinar)

   An extensive variety of thermal and electrical insulation materials based on MICA for using in electromotor    & generators, fire resistance cables, induction furnaces, household appliance and insulation materials       for using in casting industries and fireproof gaskets.

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Distrbution Transformer (Iran Transfo)                        

                                                                                                                                                Different types of 12,24 & 36 KV oil immersed (conservative and hermetic), cast resin   and special distribution transformers. 


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